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There was a time when BlackBerries dominated the smartphone market.

Now the BlackBerry is dead and Apple is king.

What happened?

Well, even after the touchscreen was introduced, BlackBerry continued to exclusively create devices with physical keyboards.

This was because BlackBerry assumed their primary customers, the corporate warriors, were only interested in using the BlackBerry for emails, and that the physical keyboard was essential for writing fast messages.

BlackBerry was wrong – everyone switched to Apple or Android-based phones.

So, how did BlackBerry mess up so badly?

According to Indi Young, they didn’t practice practical empathy.

They made the mistake of trying to anticipate their customer’s needs and act on them without first listening.

Instead, BlackBerry should have first worked to truly understand their current customers, what they needed and how they were reacting to the new technology.

If BlackBerry had done so, they would have seen that, corporate warriors or no, their customers did want to use a smartphone to play games and fool around.

And they loved the larger touchscreens that came with an Apple or Android device.

How could BlackBerry have been so misinformed?

Well, they aren’t the only example of a business that forgot to listen.

I’m sure you can think of at least ten other examples.

We all have the ability think empathetically, but somehow it becomes harder to do so as we become enmeshed in the fast-paced demands of business and life.

So, when we started our business, we agreed that we would maintain practical empathy as one of our core values – even if we don’t always manage to do it successfully.

In this vein, we decided to provide a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our land.

And we have kept expanding this guarantee as we listen to our customers.

It now encompasses not only the guarantee itself, but also the following services: 

bullet30 Day Money Back Guarantee (excluding any fees, such as doc fees, taxes, etc)

bulletAffordable installment options on all properties, including down payments of only $1.

bullet15% off of the document fee on all properties for repeat customers.

bulletYou deal directly with us – the owners – not brokers, employees or other third parties.

bulletIf you utilize seller financing to purchase from us and are unable to continue making payments, just let us know and you will not owe anything further. There is no credit check, no debt collection and no litigation so long as the property is left in the same condition as it was at the start of the contract. In addition, we will credit the money you already paid toward the principal to another parcel within 365 days.

bulletIf you pay off an owner financing loan within the first 6 months, we will give you 15% of the purchase price cashback.

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