102 ways to make money from raw land in 2024

Looking for ways to make money from raw land?

Like all real estate, raw land is valuable, and what you choose to do with the land you own can make it all the more profitable.

Depending on where your raw land is located, what resources you have available, and how much you want to invest, you can quickly make money from your raw land.

Exploring business ideas for rural vacant land can help you invest and earn some cash or live off the land.

Below is a list of ways to make money from raw land to get you started.

Please note that what you can do with your land will depend on its size, terrain, location, zoning, and other attributes.

Be sure to check all local regulations, including zoning and building codes, before committing yourself to any one strategy.

1. Sell your land

This is the simplest way that you can make money from the raw land you already have.

Keep vacant land the way it is and put it on the market.

Once someone else takes interest, you’ll instantly make a chunk of change you didn’t previously have!

You can also offer owner financing if you want a medium-term cash flow.

For example, we buy and sell raw land across the U.S.

Visit our Sell Land page to learn more about the process.

2. Use the land as boat storage

While people love recreational activities like boating, it can often be hard to find storage for those items, especially if you live in a city or tight suburban area.

Offering your raw land as boat storage is a great way to make some extra passive income.

Before offering your land in this way, be sure to have proper storage facilities available.

You can also build them after gauging interest.

3. Forest timber on the land

Harvesting timber is a popular way to make money.

You can find out what your timber is worth by visiting the United States Department of Agriculture.

The value of timber depends on a variety of factors, so be sure to do research before selecting this option to make money from raw land.

4. Use the land as RV storage

Just like boats, RVs are often difficult to store.

Therefore, you can build storage facilities or utilize existing storage facilities to make money from raw land.

Offer these to people at a competitive price in your area.

If you’re conveniently located, you’ll be shocked at how quickly they get snatched up.

5. Create a campground

Everyone loves camping!

Create a cute campground with all the necessary resources, and you’ll have people flocking to your vacant land.

6. Invest in solar energy

The construction of solar energy is expensive, but in sunny locations, solar farms can be incredibly profitable.

Not to mention, this would be passive income, which means you’ll be watching the money roll in without needing to do anything additional.

7. Build horse stables

Boarding a horse is a pricey part of being a horse owner.

On average, it costs $400-$500 a month (but up to $1200-$2500) in metropolitan areas.

Building horse stables allows you to target this lucrative market as long as you have the space and facilities to do so.

8. Rent plots to build a community garden

Bring the community together by creating a garden on your raw land.

Renting plots gives everyone the ability to take ownership of their section of the garden and also gives you a little financial boost.

This is an easy and beautiful way to make money from raw land.

9. Grow flowers to sell at a farmer’s market

If you love the idea of growing something and also want to make money from raw land, why not grow flowers?

You can grow flowers on your land and then take the best cuts to a local farmer’s market to sell.

10. Create a pet-sitting business

Everyone hates the idea of their pet being locked up in a cage while they’re gone.

Why not use your raw land to create a pet-sitting business?

All the free land to roam seems like the perfect way to spend time while owners are away.

11. Offer indoor and outdoor storage

Storage, storage, storage.

It seems no one has enough space for their stuff.

If you have the space, rent it out to other people.

Offer indoor and outdoor storage on your raw land to make extra money each month.

12. Raise livestock and sell their products

This is a bit more hands-on, but if you’re ready to welcome some new animals to your raw land, you can raise cows for milk or goats for cheese.

Both can be incredibly profitable.

People love having locally-grown products.

13. Offer tours or classes on farm life

If you’re already growing crops or raising livestock, you’re equipped to teach how you’re doing it!

You can even create an online course for others. If you do it well, you’ll be able to film a course once and have passive income from it.

14. Breed animals to sell

Breeding animals to sell can make you money as well.

If you have the time and space to do it, why not?

Just make sure you’re complying with local laws and treating all involved ethically!

15. Plant crops

Enough said. Corn? Cotton? Up to you!

16. Offer outdoor fitness classes

If you love yoga or Zumba, why not become an instructor and offer large outdoor fitness classes?

This offers a more unique setting than indoor fitness studios.

17. Build a building for a fast-food franchise

You never know who wants to use your raw land depending on where you’re located!

18. Raise livestock to butcher

For example, raising pigs can be profitable.

Again, just make sure you’re following local laws and being ethical.

19. Open up your home as a bed and breakfast

Have a beautiful piece of land and a large home already built? It’s a B&B all ready to go.

A trendy way to make money from raw land is to set up a glamping tent, cabin, or trailer for guests who are looking for a more rugged AirBnB experience.

20. Start a marijuana growing business (if legal)

If you’re in a state where it is legal, you can start growing marijuana to sell.

It’s a profitable industry to be in.

21. Build wood furniture from timber on your land

Remember all the timber you were going to sell?

Instead, hang on to it and make something out of it.

22. Raise worms for bait

You’d be surprised at how some of the smallest things can make you the most money.

Read Raising Worms to Use as Live Fishing Bait.

23. Rent out the land for festivals

Festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza always require big open pieces of land.

There are a ton of smaller, more local festivals that also need raw land as well.

24. Build a separate rental property

If you don’t want to host people in your home, you can build separate, long-term rental properties to make money from raw land.

Another alternative would be to place a mobile home on the lot if it is allowed by zoning and other local regulations.

25. Allow tiny houses to rent

Renting individual tiny houses is now a trendy way to get away for a short period.

You can post these on Airbnb or a similar online marketplace.

Just keep in mind that you have to comply with all local zoning regulations.

26. Look into harnessing wind energy

Just like solar panels, harnessing wind energy can be expensive initially.

However, if you are located in the right climate, it can also be incredibly profitable.

27. Plant a vineyard and bottle your own wine

Who doesn’t love wine?

Plant grapes, harvest them, bottle wine, and sell!

You can also provide vineyard tours and activities for those who want to experience a local vineyard.

28. Set up a shooting range

Set up a shooting range on your raw land (if legal).

29. Start a farmer’s market

In addition to selling at farmer’s markets, why not create one of your own?

If you have the space to set up stalls, this is a great way to make money from raw land!

You can even charge your vendors a small fee. Easy money.

30. Create mini shops near the road

You may not be ready to jump into a full-fledged business and that’s okay.

That said, people love the idea of buying local fruit or other items as they’re running errands.

Like kids selling lemonade, set up a small shop or stand near the road.

If you make some extra money with stuff you already have, you’ll be thrilled!

31. Allow the city to build through-roads

Sometimes the city needs your land to build roads for the entire community.

However, they’re often willing to offer the owner compensation.

Make money from raw land by allowing these roads to be built on property you may not be using.

32. Set up a drive-in movie theater

 How fun is it to go to the drive-in?

Not as many exist these days as they used to.

It’s a fun and unique business idea that you can offer seasonally.

33. Rent out advertising space on your land

Advertisers may be interested in your raw land.

Allow billboards to be built so passersby can see the products or services advertised on them.

34. Charge admission on seasonal activities

There are a number of seasonal activities that you can take advantage of.

This is a great way to make money from raw land because you’re not always on the hook for running this business.

It can easily be a side hustle in addition to whatever job you’re working.

Here are just a few ideas:

Apple orchard

Pumpkin picking

Corn maze

35. Start an ATM business

An ATM uses up only a small amount of your land, but it can be profitable, nonetheless.

How many times have you been driving and needed an ATM?

If it’s well done, you can have one on the side of the road and only have to invest a little bit of money to get it started.

36. Build a gas station

This a much bigger investment, but if you have vacant land on a long stretch of the highway where someone may be playing “gas sweats,” then you could have a booming business in no time at all.

Just make sure that zoning allows you to do this.

37. Start a flea market

Just like a farmer’s market, you just need space to create a flea market.

After that, you can make a profit by charging a small fee to each of the vendors who want to use the space to sell their wares.

38. Create a hostel business

A hostel can be a profitable business if built correctly.

You need to build a building that can accommodate enough people to make the hostel profitable.

Often, hostels have rooms with bunk beds along with enough bathrooms to cater to that number of people.

On average, you should install 1 toilet for every 6-10 people and enough sinks and vanity space to match.

A dining room, kitchen, and social space are also necessities.

While you don’t have to be experienced in travel or tourism to start a hostel business, you do want to make sure you’re organized if you decide to go this route.

Again, you will also want to make sure you are complying with all local zoning regulations.

39. Raise bees

Raise bees so you can harvest their honey and sell it at a farmer’s market.

Bees are great pollinators, so they’re also amazing for existing land and gardens!

You can also rent out your raw land to beekeepers looking for a place to put their hives.

40. Create your own ziplining park

Now we’re getting creative!

People are always looking for fun recreational activities to do.

Create your own ziplining park and watch people flock to come and enjoy it with you.

41. Start a car washing business

No one likes a dirty car.

If you have raw land that’s more centrally located, start a car washing business to make some money.

42. Create a wedding venue

The farmhouse wedding venue is becoming more and more popular.

If you have vacant land that’s particularly pretty, create a wedding venue.

After all, it’s lucrative to be in the wedding business.

It doesn’t take long to create a good chunk of change.

43. Consider hemp farming for CBD oil

Did you know it’s possible to get up to $75,000 in revenue for just 1 acre of hemp grown for CBD oil?

CBD oil is all the rage and growing tremendously in the market.

Get in on this deal when you can, so you can make money from the raw land you already have.

44. Build a public swimming pool

Who doesn’t want a local pool nearby?

Build a pool on your raw land and charge an admission or membership fee.

45. Use the land for a shopping mall

Building a shopping mall is expensive (millions of dollars!).

However, if you think you have a good plot of raw land in a solid location, you may be able to engage local developers in a conversation about using your land for a shopping mall.

46. Build an amusement park

Likewise, building an amusement park is also expensive, but developers may be interested in your plot.

If they are, they’d be willing to compensate you for it.

47. Start a summer camp for kids

Summer camps require nature.

If you have a large area of land, you can build a summer camp and charge an attendance fee (some summer camps go for thousands of dollars!).

48. Build a concert venue

Concert venues that have lawn seating require a great deal of land.

Use your raw land for this purpose and make a lot of money in the process!

49. Build an ice rink

Another excellent seasonal activity! Set up an ice rink and then charge admission.

50. Invest in building a golf course

This is another idea that requires a lot of investment.

However, if you’re located in the right area and have the right resources, you’ll see a high return on that investment.

It isn’t cheap to golf.

Make money from raw land by building a golf course and charging fees for those who use it.

51. Discover any minerals you may have on the property

You never know what may be valuable!

Please note that you will need to check whether you own the mineral rights to your property if you want to take advantage of any existing minerals.

52. Create an outdoor gym

Just like outdoor fitness classes, outdoor gyms can be a fun way to incorporate fitness and nature.

53. Build athletic fields

Or you can build athletic fields with all the space you have!

Baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, and more all require wide-open space to play.

54. Create a paintball course

You can also create a paintball course and advertise online.

People who love paintball will flock to your raw land to play.

55. Build fishing ponds

If you love fishing, why not invest in creating some fishing ponds (or use what you already have!)?

Then, open up this space to others and charge recreational fees.

Raising catfish or other suitable fish species is relatively easy. Just throw in some fingerlings each year and toss them food occasionally.

You can make money by charging an entrance fee, renting out fishing poles, and selling simple snacks.

Also, check out our blog post if you want to learn how to build a private lake on your land.

56. Create a pop-up marketplace

Similar to a farmer’s market or flea market, pop-up marketplaces or pop-up shops are becoming increasingly popular.

All you have to have is space and advertising prowess.

Before you know it, your pop-up space will be full of vendors.

57. Build a parking lot

Do you live somewhere that constantly has events?

Create overflow parking and charge a small fee per car.

It’ll be a booming business before you know it.

58. Farm snails

Global snail farming currently achieves $12 billion in sales annually.

Snails are high in protein, iron, and water.

Farming them and then selling them can be incredibly profitable.

59. Rent your field to metal-detecting clubs

Metal detecting clubs are all about looking for long-lost treasure.

If you have a large area of raw land, they may be interested in hunting on your land and seeing what you may find.

You can make money from raw land by renting your property to them for a meeting or two!

Bonus, if they find something, they’ll probably want to come back again and again.

60. Create motocross tracks

Motocross is off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits.

To race, there needs to be a track.

You can create tracks for official races or practice and charge a fee for use.

As long as you don’t mind the noise, of course!

61. Allow a cellphone company to build a tower on your land

If your raw land is located somewhere that a cellphone tower would do well, reach out to a service provider.

They may be willing to compensate you for putting a tower on your property.

62. Create hiking trails

Investing in trails for hikers or cross-country skiers is another good way to make money from raw land.

You can also add picnic tables or other amenities for community use.

63. Offer touring services

Some landowners offer horseback riding, snowmobile tours, or ATV tours for the adventurous types.

You can increase your price by including pickup and drop-off services from local hotels with stops at farm stands or other area attractions.

64. Rent out hunting land

If you have a larger plot of raw land, you can make money by renting out your land to hunting enthusiasts.

65. Farm specialty produce

Not every farm venture needs to be a full-scale operation.

A simpler way to make money from raw land is to grow small specialty products (such as shrubs or trees for landscaping) to sell to local homeowners or markets.

Herbs are a hardy option that won’t take much effort and will give you a nice seasonal income stream.

Another interesting option in certain climates is a cut-your-own Christmas Tree farm.

66. Promote conservation

If you believe in the importance of protecting our natural heritage, you can let your raw land return to nature.

In some locations, you may be able to sell your land or an easement to local conservation groups.

A more elaborate option to make money from raw land through conservation is to set up a conservation center for an endangered species.

While this is a more expensive option, there are grants and local/national groups that will help with funding and management.

67. Lease the land for grazing

For a more passive strategy, you can also lease the land to local farmers so they can graze their livestock.

68. Teach bushcraft education

Many school programs and organizations are looking for outdoor learning experiences for students.

If you know how to thrive in the bush or natural environment, you could teach these life skills to students.

You could charge for a day of bushcraft excursions, and demonstrate the diversity of important skills for living in the bush.

69. Make a dog park

This can be ideal if there are no dog parks in your area and your zoning laws allow it.

Almost 40 percent of families in America own dogs, according to the 2017 American Veterinary Medical Association.

There is a growing need for more dog-friendly spaces, so why not join in on this upward trend?

Have your dog park properly maintained and fenced (if outdoors).

You could charge for admission and parking and even participate in fundraising events to acquire like-minded sponsors.

70. Instruct photography classes

Photographers are always looking for a unique backdrop, so why not invite them to your property for a photoshoot?

You can charge for the hour or per session.

Reach out to local studios letting them know your land is available for photoshoots.

71. Drill for oil

Should you happen to have oil on your land, look into drilling.

But first, you will need to determine if you have the mineral rights to the oil.

If everything is in order, you can lease your land to a drilling company for a monthly or annual fee.

72. Donate your land

Voluntarily donate to a land trust or a government agency, and you will receive a charitable tax deduction on your federal tax returns.

The charity may even ask you to sell the land on their behalf.

73. Drill a well

If you have a large lot with plenty of water, you could consider drilling a well for your community or neighbors.

This is a way to gain clients and provide jobs for the community.

Just make sure you get all of the proper permits and hire the right professionals for the job.

74. Build a fallout shelter

Build an underground shelter to protect yourself from exposure to hazardous chemicals.

In the event of a disaster, fallout shelters provide enough sustenance to survive provided they are stocked with preserved food and water.

Even if there is no disaster, you can rent out a decked-out fallout shelter to clients.

They can finally have that doomsday bunker experience!

75. Build an earth-bermed home

This is a home designed to blend into the landscape.

You typically build this kind of home using the existing soil and terrain to form the walls of the house.

An earth-bermed home allows you to live quietly and enjoy that fun hobbit-life vibe.

It would also make a unique Airbnb experience.

Just make sure the local building code allows this type of construction.

76. Hold a spiritual retreat

Nowadays, there is a lot of stress placed on mental health.

Set up your land as a spiritual retreat for those interested in reconnecting with Mother Nature.

You can advertise on sites like Airbnb and book retreats offering a tranquil zen experience.

77. Construct a landfill

Although this may be an unsightly option for you and your neighbors, consider the large amount of garbage generated daily with no place to go.

Space is a commodity and no doubt people will want to give you their trash.

If a landfill is allowed on your land, build it. People will come to dump their trash for a price.

You could also set up methods of capturing methane gas for additional profits.

78. Make a junkyard

Some people are just waiting for others to buy their unwanted items like vehicles or computers.

You could lease your land out to a collector of usable items.

This is a way to repurpose old technologies without tossing them in a landfill.

Just keep in mind that this is another use your neighbors probably won’t be thrilled about.

79. Create a community park

Consider repurposing your land for greening the community.

This provides a place for families to connect with nature.

You can make money by renting out grills and picnic areas and establishing stages for outdoor events.

You could also build a safe playground for children.

80. Construct a landscaper supply store

Rent out your land to a contractor or landscaper who doesn’t have room for their materials.

Reach out to them and see if they need more storage space.

81. Build an outdoor obstacle course

This is an exciting recreational activity fit for the whole family.

Do your research to determine if this kind of use can be commercialized in your area.

You could charge for admission to each activity and even set up a concession stand for an after-workout snack.

82. Offer a scenic overlook

If you’re located on a beautiful cliff or waterfall, you could set up a scenic overlook for travelers to stop and take pictures.

To make a profit, you could charge an admission per vehicle for visiting, or set up binoculars.

83. Set up a microbrewery

If you’ve ever had an interest in brewing your own beer, kombucha, or wine, think about setting up a microbrewery.

Try it out, and you might just be the next ‘Budweiser.’

Just make sure your lot is suitable for this use!

84. Build a training facility

Companies often need open space to train employees in construction, landscaping, or other specialized activities such as drone operations.

You could build a facility with restrooms and water access, then rent it out for company activities.

85. Host temporary sporting events

If you have a big lot, you could rent it out to outdoor sporting events that need open terrain.

These are events like marathons, bike competitions, scavenger hunts, etc.

You could charge for parking as well.

86. Rent out your land for research

If your location is remote and provides a unique resource, you can look into leasing out your land for research.

For example, some astronomy research requires a large telescope installation in a non-light-polluted area.

Other biology research may even pay to lease an area for installing wildlife study cameras.

87. Become a restaurant garden

With the boom in clean eating and farm-to-table restaurants, you can lease your land to restaurants to grow their own produce.

88. Offer water access

If your land is attached to a lake, you could build a boat launch and charge for its use.

This will not only save your neighbors the trouble of building their own, but it’ll bring in a little side income for your household.

89. Become a racing or dragstrip

If your land is long enough to support a 1,000-foot dragstrip, why not?

Dragstrip racing interest is on the rise and there aren’t many locations for dragstrips.

If you are up for managing a motorsport business, build an area for racing participants and spectators. You’ll be on an accelerated path to a successful business.

Some racing strips offer test and tune sessions for those wanting to see how upgraded their cars are.

90. Investigate a waste-to-energy incinerator 

Landfills are a growing problem.

So, instead of dumping trash into landfills, these waste-to-energy plants utilize trash to produce electricity.

Please note: There are environmental concerns around the pollutants emitted as well as the odors associated with incinerating solid waste.

However, with new technologies, waste-to-energy incinerators treat gas with steam, activated carbon, and lime to remove harmful substances and particles.

Also, research your municipal solid-waste incinerator laws before constructing a waste-to-energy plant or incinerator.

91. Transform your land into a cemetery

Create a perpetual care cemetery to take care of the burial sites of the community’s loved ones.

Most cemeteries profit from opening and closing burial sites and selling plots, and a little of that can go into a perpetual care fund to ensure proper maintenance in perpetuity.

92. Bloom into botanical gardens

If you have a green thumb or are an enthusiast for botany, open up your own botanical garden.

You can support the preservation of native species and the collection of plants for education.

Most botanical gardens even keep butterfly sanctuaries and tropical greenhouses.

Botanical gardens are often admission-based and can even be rented out for events such as weddings.

93. Fill your land with food trucks

Your plot of land can be the next mecca for food truck aficionados.

Food truck owners can either park on your lot, or you could open up a daily food truck market for adventurous food-goers.

94. Build an event hall

You can set up a temporary exhibition or event hall to cater to a variety of events.

Reach out to companies that could use your land as a promotional space or viewing gallery.

95. Create public art

Public art murals and installations are popping up all over each major city.

These works of art beautify the city and engage the community in social behaviors like hashtagging.

You could charge for taking a photo or monetize the advertising in your space.

The possibilities are endless.

96. Become an animal sanctuary

Animal shelters often run out of space.

Let them turn to you for extra space.

You could open up an animal sanctuary, hire licensed veterinarians, and establish a business valuing the life of each pet.

97. Establish a community land trust

Many cities are facing an affordable housing crisis.

To ensure permanently affordable housing, vacant land can be made a community asset by placing it in a community land trust.

In this scenario, all members of a community share in decisions around the development and growth of the land.

98. Build a community compost

Communities can promote composting by having one centralized site.

And they can lease this land from you.

You can provide a method of reducing waste while engaging and even employing the community by building a community compost site on your land.

99. Construct a passive-solar greenhouses

You can increase the production potential of your vacant land with a passive greenhouse.

Greenhouses using hydroponic technologies can contribute as much as traditional farming can.

Employ this small-scale style of producing food and then sell your produce to restaurants and the community.

100. Build a greenway boardwalk

If your location is near a lake or waterfront, you can construct a community greenway or boardwalk.

This will make the community greener as well as provide foot traffic for nearby businesses.

101. Sell the mineral rights

If you also own the minerals right to the property, you can sell or lease these for cash.

If this interests you, you can check out our blog on mineral rights.

102. Outdoor/Land-Based Affiliate Websites and YouTube Channels

Share your farming, ranching, or nature experiences online through affiliate websites or YouTube channels.

This can be a lucrative way to generate income from the activities and scenery of your land​​.

Final Thoughts

Looking to make money fast?

Your vacant land is the perfect way to do so!

There are all these ways and more to make a profit.

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Erika Gokce Capital

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers, accountants, or financial advisors, and the information in this article is for informational purposes only. This article is based on our own research and experience, and we do our best to keep it accurate and up-to-date, but it may contain errors. Please be sure to consult a legal or financial professional before making any investment decisions.


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  1. Very impressive and creative list, this is valuable content, thanks!

    • Thank you, Bram. I’m so glad you enjoyed our article!

  2. I have 130 ac of raw property, ideal for hunting.
    How can a monthly income be realized?


    • Hello Johnnell, you may be able to rent the land out to hunters. Another idea is to place a small cabin on the property and post it on Airbnb as a weekend getaway. I’m sure there are plenty of other options as well. Best of luck!

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    We want to build affordable/community homes. Any advise/support in this regard to get funds/loans?


  4. Hi Ericka :I had read your website about to make money on raw land, In fact I own 20 acres of vacant land in residential zoning, in area that called rural area but there are the custom built homes and SFR around , how can I find or connect with investors or developers to build the houses on it .What can I do and how.

    • Hello Sean, you may want to contact the county building and/or planning department to see if they can give you information on which companies have been pulling permits in the area. This can help you form a list of active developers.

  5. Hi! I am thinking of buying land and making it a public park/green space. I’d like to charge entry and provide playgrounds, ballfields, gardens, pop ups, ziplining…are there grants that would help with this? (Would like lights/water/restrooms to run on solar power) I wouldn’t even know where to begin with any of this. Do you have a video on something similar I can watch?
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    • Hello Jo, unfortunately, I don’t know of any grants off the top of my head, but I would recommend checking with the local and state government to see if there are grants for the creation of green space.

      • I appreciate your response, thank you!

  6. We have 12.5 acres that are commercially zoned. We currently have our house and two trailers (that are rented currently but near ready to be demolished). Part of our land is cropped. We are considering putting portable buildings as tiny home rentals. We are considering close 50 or more as the end goal. We have found that is allowable in our county as long as we put trailer anchors on the buildings. Our area is extremely desirable and almost no rentals. We are looking at mostly leased rentals with some as Airbnb. We live near a small airport (less than a mile) that flies to Chicago and is expanding. We’re also rural but only 5 minutes to the mall and restaurants. How do we go about funding? Grants, investors, crowdfunding? Should I create a business first? One option we considered is using our mortgage to start with the first 5 and then trying to raise capital. What advice can you give us?

    • Hello Vickie, unfortunately, the best I can recommend is to check with local banks to see if they would be willing to offer you an acquisition and development loan. Best of luck with your project!

  7. . I have two acres of land in a residential area and my home is almost paid for but I’m getting older an I need something that isn’t so demanding . I thought about vehicle storage. Problem is where you plan to store the vehicles needs to be paved . I can’t afford that . What I need is a way to use the area to make money without it costing me anything .

    • Hello Chris, it is tough to make money without investing in any kinds of improvements up front. If you have the right soil, you could try leasing your land to a farmer or rancher.

  8. Thanks for the ideas I feel more confident about going abs investing in land and starting my own venture instead of giving to someone else’s dream. I have my own. Thanks bless you

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  9. I am interested in setting up an online raw land buy & sell business and would like to connect with you to hear your thoughts. I came across an online course by a Joe McCall recently which sounds great but am not sure about this. His strategy is to do direct mail marketing to people owning raw land, $40-50k value and offer them to buy at a 70% discount, of which he hits on a few. He then flips it via a local real estate agent at fair market value or does vendor finance to earn a monthly income.

    I haven’t taken his course but do like the concept and if you have 20mins for a quick Google Meets or equivalent call, I would appreciate your time in hearing what you do and perhaps there are some synergies between our businesses.

  10. I am the owner of 84 acres of previously farm land wit a couple of water streams.
    I am a city boy, however I think Commercial chicken raising for someone would be profitable. I want more information and specific information about this A-Z

  11. I want to lease my 84 acres of x-farm land

  12. Thanks for all of the unique & resourceful ideas to now ponder. Your work isuch appreciated! May God bless you all on your individual unique & amazing journies toward discovery of the perfect ways to utilize your beloved land space blessings! Cheers!


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