Gokce Land Due Diligence Program (GLAD): We’ll Make You a Land Due Diligence Expert in Just 7 Days

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Imagine you just bought a beautiful parcel of land in West Virginia right near the river in a picturesque small town.

You are thrilled with the purchase and excited to begin planning your perfect weekend getaway.

But then, two weeks later, you get a letter from the local assessor.

The assessor had found an error in the tax map you were using to locate the property.

It turns out that the metes and bounds description in the property deed placed the lot in a completely different location from what the assessor’s map showed!

It seemed that the beautiful parcel of near-waterfront land you thought you had purchased doesn’t exist!

Even worse, there is a house on the land, which has been occupied for over 20 years.

Believe it or not, this is in fact a true story.

And it happened to us.

Take it from me, after buying hundreds of parcels of vacant land, I can tell you that raw land is complicated.

You have to deal with:

bulletLocal building and zoning laws

bulletFaulty ownership claims

bulletImproperly assessed lots

bulletEnvironmental issues

Just to name a few.

So if you are looking for that perfect weekend getaway to hunt, camp, or build your dream home, how do you protect yourself?

How do you know whether the property has a major flaw that will prevent you from using it as you would like?

How do you even know what questions you should be asking?

Well, in the Gokce Capital Land Due Diligence Program (GLAD), we provide a comprehensive land buying due diligence checklist of over 150 items to guide you through the pitfalls of land acquisition.

Broken down into a series of short videos, GLAD will make you an expert on land due diligence in just seven days.

So you can begin your property search armed with the knowledge you need to find your perfect property.

Your land is waiting for you!




Does The Gokce Land Due Diligence Program Have Reviews From Existing Students?

Yes! Here are a few reviews:

Who Am I?

Are you wondering how my experience may be relevant to you?

Well, my name is Erika Benson and I am an architect by training and a former Affordable Housing Director for the City of New York turned full-time Land Investor.

My company, Gokce Capital, has completed over 700 transactions.

So we’ve seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly.

And in working with hundreds of property owners, we’ve noticed a common theme.

bulletA property owner who bought a parcel of land completely covered in wetlands for over $50,000

bulletAnother land buyer who discovered contaminated oil tanks buried beneath her new property

Then there was one retired lawyer looking to sell his section of land (~640 acres) in Nevada.

He had bought the property to fulfill his lifelong dream of raising cattle.

Yet, a few years later, he decided not to retire in Nevada so he reached out to us.

We took a quick look at the lot and could not find any way to access the property.

When I told the owner this, he said he had been assured by his seller that legal right-of-ways existed by law on every section boundary line.

Yet, when we spoke to three local lawyers as well as the district attorney’s office, none could identify any such law.

It seemed our seller had been misled when he purchased his land.

This is when it hit us – if a lawyer could make such a mistake, what about the rest of us?

There’s so much information out there to help you buy a house, but almost nothing on vacant land.

And we’ve heard from numerous land buyers who say they feel overwhelmed by the land buying process.

Perhaps you too are feeling this way.

That’s why we put together the Gokce Capital Land Due Diligence Program (GLAD), to provide an exhaustive guide covering everything we have learned about the various dangers of buying land and how to avoid them.

How will you benefit from the Gokce Land Due Diligence Program?

What are the benefits of learning proper land buying due diligence?

bulletAvoiding costly mistakes that could lead to having to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to resolve the dispute

bulletEnsuring that your property is useful for your intended purpose

bulletPreventing huge mistakes like buying a property without legal access

bulletHelping you to feel confident during negotiations with your seller

Is the Gokce Land Due Diligence Program for You?

Consider this.

You find a property that appears to be perfect for building.

It’s the right size.

It’s zoned residential and there are homes in the surrounding vicinity.

Yet, when you go to pull a building permit, you find yourself blocked.

The property was illegally subdivided and now exists in a kind of twilight zone.

Too small to be used as recreational land, not fit for building.

And you could never tell this by simply looking at the lot.

Are you worried about running into such issues when buying land?

The world of vacant land can be stressful, confusing and complicated, and this program will help you navigate it like a pro.

The Gokce Land Due Diligence Program is broken down into over 40 modules and 150 plus videos designed to guide you on your land acquisition journey.

This program covers everything you need to make an informed decision on your next major land purchase, including:

bulletWhat happens to a property when one spouse passes away

bulletMineral rights, water rights, crop rights, timber rights and more

bulletTools to analyze the development potential of a lot

bulletWhat to do if a property is in a Special Hazard Flood zone

bulletHow to navigate county and city land use and zoning regulations

bulletWhat to do if you have wetlands on your property

bulletVarious easements that you need to look out for

bulletThe difference between land use and zoning

bulletHow to bring utilities to land

bulletEnvironmental contamination and how to catch it

bulletThe things that a title search won’t catch

bulletWhat to do about encroachments

bulletHow to analyze whether your site conditions are conducive to construction

bulletAncillary probate and other easily missed items

bulletHow to prepare a site for development

bulletAuctions, reassessments and other tax issues

bulletWell testing, riparian rights, water law and other items to consider when using a well

bulletThe different kinds of surveys you may want to order




What Is Included with the Gokce Land Due Diligence Program?

In the 1960s, a company bought hundreds of acres of land in the desert south of Albuquerque.

They subdivided this land into thousands of building lots and sold the properties using glossy marketing material showing beautiful suburban communities.

Thousands rushed to buy what seemed to be the next great investment.

Yet, the company had conveniently failed to mention they had never developed infrastructure in the area.

Thus, the area never blossomed into the idyllic bedroom communities promised.

Are you worried about making a poor purchasing decision?

Like any other investment, vacant land comes with some risk and requires adequate due diligence.

The more you know, the easier it is to protect yourself from a similar situation.

The Gokce Land Due Diligence Program will help ensure you do not make a costly mistake as you buy your dream property.

Our program modules include:

bulletOwnership: How do you verify that the person selling the property is the true owner?

bulletUndivided Interest: Even if the seller owns the property, how do you know they own the entire lot and not just a partial interest?

bulletProbate: What do you need to do if the original property owner has passed away?

bulletCommunity Property: Did you know that in some states all assets are owned jointly by a married couple, even if a property deed only lists one person as the Grantee? You’ll learn more about community property in this section.

bulletPower of Attorney: What if your seller has designated a power of attorney to handle the closing for them?

bulletTrusts: There are many properties owned not by an individual, but a trust. What do you need to know if you are buying a trust-held property?

bulletMineral Rights: You may be shocked to learn that you may not be purchasing the minerals under the land. Find out more in this section.

bullet Investing in Timber: Are you looking to invest in timberland? How do you assess the value and quality of a timber stand?

bulletBuying Agricultural Land: What do you need to know about buying vacant land with an agricultural lease on it?

bulletWind Rights: Thinking of monetizing your land with a wind farm? Here’s what you should know.

bulletAir Rights: Do you own the air above your property? Maybe – here’s how to check.

bulletRecreational Land: Are you looking for camping or hunting land?

bulletProperty Taxes: Do you want to protect yourself from an unexpected tax obligation? Learn more in this section.

bulletForeclosure: What should you know about buying land that is in the pre-foreclosure process?

bulletWetlands: Wetlands are one of the most overlooked items when buying vacant land. This section will give you the knowledge you need to understand how wetlands will affect you as a land owner.

bulletSpecial Hazard Flood Areas: Can you use property in a flood zone? Do you even want to? Here’s what you should know.

bulletSite Issues: From irregularly shaped lots to steep slopes, there are a number of issues that can impede construction, crop growth or property usability. This section will cover a number of these issues.

bulletAccess: Every property must have a way to access it, right? Not necessarily! Learn more about both legal and physical access.

bulletEasements: Did you know that someone else may have the right to use your property as an accessway or to install utilities? How do you make sure that the lot you are buying doesn’t have an easement on it?

bulletZoning and Land Use: If you own property, you can do whatever you want with it, right? No! Almost every county has rules on land use that place some restrictions on land use.

bulletUtilities: Do you need access to water, sewer and electricity? Figure out how to assess your ability to bring appropriate utilities to your property?

bulletWater rights: In some circumstances, you need special water rights in order to drill a well. What kinds of rules govern the use of water in your location?

bulletHomeowner’s Associations: How do you feel about homeowner’s associations? Are you looking for an association that will care for the roads in the area? Or do you want to avoid the additional restrictions?

bulletEnvironmental Issues: Cancer-causing minerals, buried oil tanks and arsenic-laced groundwater – how do you assess a property for potentially hazardous materials and contamination?

bulletLand Development: Are you looking to buy a parcel of land, subdivide it and build a few homes? This section covers what you should know about assessing a property for development purposes.

bulletSurrounding Area: Will a fire truck be able to reach you? How good are the surrounding schools? What do you need to know about your property’s surrounding area?

bulletDeeds: A deed is just a deed, no? You may be surprised to learn that there are several kinds of deeds, each one conveys slightly different warranties and guarantees.

bulletTitle: How do you know that the property you are buying is free of liens and outside ownership claims? This section covers what you need to know to help you obtain clear title.

bulletEncroachments: Imagine that you buy a property, only to find that your neighbor has built a shed on your land. What do you do? How do you prevent this from happening?

bulletMarket Research: How do you know whether a property is being sold at a good price? How do you analyze a development project? This section gives you a few tools to use as you think through the numbers on your purchase.

bulletAppraisals: What is the highest and best use of your property? Does this matter to you?

bulletSurveys: Let’s return to our opening story: what if the county’s tax maps are off? How do you know where your property is located?

bulletSoil Analysis: Are you looking to buy land in order to grow crops? How do you know whether the soil on your property will support life?

bulletNatural Hazards: In 2013, the Kennecott Copper Mine displaced 55 million cubic meters of soil. While such massive events are rare, what about all of the tiny landslides that damage individual properties every year?

bulletLiens and Open Permits: Consider this, you buy a parcel of land only to be hit with a surprise bill in the form of a lien the property had placed on the land to cover the cost of demolishing a prior structure. How do you avoid this?

bulletTrespassers: Perhaps you won’t be living on or near your property, how do you prevent trespassers from damaging your land?

bulletPurchase and Sale Agreement: Before you purchase land, you first need to negotiate the terms of the sale. Here’s what you should know about the pre-sale process.

bullet1031 Exchange: Do you want to buy land to defer paying capital gains taxes on the sale of investment property? You may want to learn about 1031 exchanges.

bulletIRS 1099-S Form: Did you know that a 1099-S Form is required to be filed with the IRS on every sale of real estate? In this section, you’ll learn what you need to know.

bulletWire Fraud: Is getting scammed one of your greatest worries when buying land? This section will cover one of the most pervasive scams in real estate.

bulletEminent Domain: You are probably already aware that governments have the right to take private property for public purposes. What should you do if your property is slated for taking using the right of eminent domain?

In addition to these program videos, you will also get:

bulletUnlimited access to future program updates

bulletThe ability to ask as many questions as you would like

bulletAccess to updates and improvements

We frequently update our program to incorporate our additional learnings.

This way you can feel secure in your purchase.

Plus A Bonus!

Do you want personal help with your land sales?

Well, you’re in luck!

I have included a forum as an added bonus with your purchase of this product.

You can message me through each course module and I will try to respond within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about your own sales, you can also email me directly!

So you have access to my direct knowledge FOR FREE.

Also for a limited time, you also get a FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTING CALL and COMPLIMENTARY VACATION VOUCHER as part of your purchase.




Frequently Asked Questions

bulletWhat Kind Of Support Do You Provide?

You can ask as many questions as you would like within each module and we usually answer all of them within 24 hours.

bulletWhat Is The Focus Of The Gokce Land Due Diligence Program?

This program is designed to be an extensive list of all the potential items you may want to consider when buying land.

We have included every pointer that we could think of, but not every item may be relevant for every property.

Thus, the due diligence checklist is intended to be used in a mix and match manner.




Disclaimer: We are not lawyers, accountants or financial advisors. All opinions expressed by Gokce Capital are the result of personal research and experience, and our content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own due diligence and analysis before making any kind of investment. The information in this program is from our experience, you should still hire your own specialized professional/real estate agent/attorney to ensure you understand and comply with all local laws where applicable. You should also be sure to take financial and/or legal advice from a professional in conjunction with any information you receive from our website when making an investment decision or otherwise. Please also note that we have done our best to make sure all information on our website is accurate and up-to-date, but there may be occasional errors and misprints.