30 Ways You Can Get Free Land in the US in 2021 (And Our Free Land Giveaway Promotion)

30 Ways You Can Get Free Land in the US in 2021 (And Our Free Land Giveaway Promotion)

Believe it or not, there are still ways to get free land in the US!

Yes, there are cities around the US that currently offer homestead land.

Now, it’s not an entirely catch-free process, but these programs can save you big on real estate costs and taxes.

If you’re looking to take advantage of what the country has to offer, this blog is for you!

Here are the top things you need to know about the process

1. Do your research 

Back in the 1800s, the federal government was heavily involved in the granting of free land to settlers.

This encouraged individuals to come out West, settle, and start a life.

The most well-known of the government initiatives was the Homestead Act of 1862, which opened up one million acres of land in the western part of the United States.

Under the Homestead Act, settlers were given up to 160 acres so long as they lived on and tilled the land for at least five years.

This allowed thousands of small farmers to become land owners and eventually resulted in the disbursement of 270 million acres over 1.6 million claims.

Homesteading came to an end in the lower 48 states over a century later in 1976 with the passage of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act.

The last claim was issued in 1988 to a Vietnam Veteran for a homestead in Alaska.

However, free land is still available from small towns and cities or farming communities.

These areas hope to boost their population or draw businesses to their areas. 

Start by researching where you can find “free land in the United States.”

While it may feel silly, this is one of the main incentives that smaller towns and cities use.

Once you apply and are granted the land, you may be asked to build a house or create a certain number of jobs in the area as “repayment.”

Furthermore, while you may be enticed by homesteading offers from the federal government, these are illegitimate.

The federal government stopped homesteading in the late 1980s.

Therefore, do not trust any site that claims to be distributing free land on behalf of the federal government.

The most appropriate places to look for free land are cities/towns themselves. 

2. Apply for free land

Although applying for free land is (as the name suggests) free, it isn’t effortless.

The process often includes an application where you’ll need to provide basic biographical information as well as the following: 

Who will be living on the land

Where you’re living now

What you plan to do with the land

Often, applications are necessary because cities want to ensure that you fit their criteria for free land.

If you’re required to build, create jobs, etc., they want to guarantee that you’re going to check these boxes.

Otherwise, you may not have your application approved. 

Outside of small cities and towns, some companies operate in this space as well.

For instance, we provide opportunities for individuals to obtain free land twice a year.

If you are interested in participating in our free land giveaway, details are in our video below.

3. Prove your financial means

Once your application is accepted, you’ll still need to prove you have the financial means necessary to take ownership of the free land.

This differs depending on the entity you’re obtaining the land from.

However, the community will likely want to see…

A plan for a house or business 

Financial means to support building 

A blueprint to build 

A deposit 

Pre-approval for a loan

If you don’t have cash on-hand, don’t stress! You don’t necessarily need to have it to get free land.

You just need to make sure you can meet the financial requirements.

If that means you need to get a loan, do so. 

4. Sign the agreement

They say nothing in life is ever “free” and that is certainly true when it comes to free land.

When obtaining your free land, you’ll sign an agreement that you will take certain actions within a designated amount of time.

For example, most towns require you to build a house within a year (and thus must sign with a contractor within 4 months and start building within 6).

The free land is forfeitable if you don’t meet these conditions, so you must abide by the agreement should you wish to maintain your ownership. 

5. Make a deposit 

Cities often require a minuet deposit.

For instance, free land in Lincoln, Kansas has been known to have a deposit amount equal to $0.08/square foot.

Thus, it’s highly individualized to the location. 

The deposit is usually refundable once you comply with all of the requirements.

6. Follow the fine print

When a town or city grants you free land, you essentially enter into a contract with them.

You agree to bring additional housing, businesses or jobs to the area.

Thus, after you’ve obtained your free land, you must fulfill your side of the agreement.

Be sure to read the fine print and follow any of the stipulations laid out for you.

If you find you’re struggling to meet any of these requirements for any reason, request an extension.

You may be granted one if you can show proof that you’ve made an honest effort to fulfill your obligations. 

7. Understand the obligations ahead of time 

Everyone hears “free land” and wonders how they can get their own.

However, there are often obligations that come with homesteads that not everyone is prepared to take on. These include: 

Meeting deadlines

Building a house or business

Providing jobs

Paying for assessments 

Establishing residence 

These factors often catch individuals off guard.

However, free land comes with deadlines to build homes and businesses and provide jobs (typically within a year).

It can also come with unanticipated costs like deposits or assessments for water, sewage or electricity depending on the area.

Make sure you do your due diligence on the property before putting down a deposit.

Finally, since it’s typically used to draw people to specific cities or towns, free land may come with a residency requirement (either initially or long-term).

All of these factors can be difficult to fulfill for those who do not fully understand the process. 

8. Relocate to one of the following locations 

Although the federal government no longer practices homesteading, there are several cities and towns around the country that are still actively giving out free land each year.

Now, keep in mind that these small towns are often in the rural countryside.

However, if this is something that interests you, then you’re a perfect candidate to receive free land.

Interested? Consider relocating to one of the following locations and snatch up free land today!

9. Free Land in Lincoln, Kansas

The City of Lincoln is offering free, ready-to-build lots to individuals and families interested in moving to the area.

The lots are located in a suburban area near a baseball field, golf course and shopping centers.

Overall, Lincoln is known as a pretty city located in central Kansas. It’s roughly an hour from Wichita with a population of 3,500.

Free land has long been a part of Lincoln’s plan to entice people to move to the area. 

Visit here to view the arrangement as well as the requirements.

10. Free Land in Marquette, Kansas

This is another small city that’s located in the “heart of America.”

If you’re looking for a blissful place to raise your family, you won’t be sorry when you move to Marquette.

Marquette has an accelerated timeline compared to some other cities and towns.

When you obtain free land from them, you’ll need to start building your home within 180 days and complete it within a year.

The city also imposes residential design standards and occupancy requirements.

Visit here to learn more about the free lots available to families. 

11. Free Land in Mankato, Kansas

Mankato is a tiny city in Kansas with only 900 people.

To help draw people to the city, they’re offering free lots in exchange for homes built on the property.

The lots sit on a beautiful horseshoe-shaped drive on the east side of the community.

No additional assessments are required on the lots at this time, which means you automatically save money there.

The lots are located close to a high school, hospital, steak house, motel, and ½ mile from the shopping center.

Visit here to read more about the requirements to obtain a free lot in the Johnson addition.  

Think you can’t have fun in somewhere rural? Check out this YouTube video with nearly 5 million views featuring Mankato, Throwing a Party in the Most Boring Town in America.

12. Free Land in Plainville, Kansas

Kansas certainly knows how to draw people to their state. This city in the Midwestern state only has 2,000 people.

Lots are available in an area bounded by Colorado, Wyoming, and 2nd and 3rd streets in west Plainville.

A new home must be built with a full foundation and a $500 deposit (paid to the city) is required.

However, it will be refunded to the buyer at the time that all the requirements have been performed.

Visit here to learn more information about how to apply. 

13. Free Land in La Villa, Texas

If the south is more your taste, this town in southern Texas also offers free land.

However, while La Villa will give you land for free, you will have to pay the corresponding property taxes.

Additionally, there is a five-year lien attached to the lot, which discourages you from selling the property within the first five years of ownership.

The best way to learn more about this program is to call the city directly.

You can reach the South Texas Economic Development Corp at 956-969-3024. 

14. Free Land in Flagler, Colorado

Flagler is hoping to attract new businesses with free land for commercial or industrial uses.

This is a small town with a population of only 680. It’s located 110 miles east of Denver. Relocate here, help boost the economy, and enjoy free land all to yourself!

The town has an excellent school system, wireless internet, medical clinic, diner, restaurant, grocery store, library, motel, golf course, and all the other essentials.

Visit here to learn more. 

15. Free Land in Buffalo, New York

If you love the idea of free land, but aren’t sure about living in a small town, then Buffalo may just work for you.

Applicants can acquire property in the designated areas for $1 plus the required closing costs.

They’re offering an urban homestead program as a way to renew their areas.

The city requires that the free lots be a primary residence (and this must be verified).

You can visit here to learn more about this program. 

16. Free Land in Elwood, Nebraska

Elwood is located in southern Nebraska and is the quintessential small town.

There are several local stores, and you’ll never feel more old-fashioned than when you start calling Elwood your home (in the best way possible!).

To get a deed with your name on it, you’ll need to make a $500 payment.

Other than that, the land is totally free. However, be sure to pay attention to the home instruction requirements.

The minimum size is 1,400 square feet, and it must be on a foundation.

You can find more information here

17. Free Land in Manilla, Iowa

Manilla is a vibrant town nestled in rolling hills in western Iowa.

As part of its economic development efforts, the town is offering lots in a subdivision with amenities, including utility hookups.

Like other cities, Manilla is offering a lot for free in exchange for building a home.

You can read more about the program on their website here.

18. Free Land in Curtis, Nebraska 

Curtis, NE also has plenty of available lots as well.

It’s an incredibly livable town. It has a small population, but all the amenities you may need.

You can visit the town’s website here to learn more about relocation incentives. 

19. Free Land in New Richland, Minnesota

Heading up to the land of ten thousand lakes, Minnesota won’t disappoint in terms of leisure activities.

From golf to bike trails to lakes, any outdoor enthusiast will love this area.

This rural farming town actually feels more like a beautiful suburb.

It claim your free land, you must build within 12 months.

Visit here to learn more about how to obtain free land in New Richland. 

20. Free Land in Osborne, Kansas

Osborne is giving out properties for both residential and commercial purposes.

It also occasionally provides low-interest loans to entice people to relocate and start businesses.

For residential land, a $500 deposit is required and you must complete a 1400 sq ft home within 12 months.

You can find out more on Osborne’s website.

21. Free Land in Claremont, Minnesota 

Claremont is a small town in southern Minnesota located in Dodge County.

The surrounding region is a rural area blessed with fertile soil and rolling hills.

To apply for a residential lot in the city, you do have to meet certain income requirements and pay a $1000 application fee.

You can find out more about Claremont’s free land program here.

22. Free Land in Beatrice, Nebraska

Just like the federal government, Beatrice hopped on board with their own homestead act called the Homestead Act of 2010.

Like most other programs, free land is obtained by building a house that meets certain criteria.

But, why Beatrice?

The city was recently updated and given amenities like streetlights, benches, flower gardens, and more.

While these may sound like small changes, it’s sometimes the everyday aspects of a community that makes it worth moving to.

Update: according to our research, it appears that Beatrice has suspended its program, but please contact the Town of Beatrice to confirm.

23. Free Land in Loup City, Nebraska

When local governments analyze their population pyramids, it often indicates how well an area will do in the future.

Loup City’s population is aging, which means that young individuals need to come and inhabit the area in order to help it grow.

How is Nebraska doing that?

Through free land of course!

West of Omaha, Loup City is a serene place to live with golf courses and fishing ponds.

Update: according to our research, it appears that Loup City has suspended its program, but please contact the town for more information.

24. Free Land in Marne, Iowa

In recent years, Marne has had a massive decline in its population due to the decline in the number of family-owned farms.

They’re hoping to boost their numbers by giving away lots.

Update: according to our research, it appears that Marne has suspended its program, but please contact the town for more information.

25. Free Land in Anderson, Alaska

Anderson is the only incorporated town in the Borough of Denali.

As the name suggests, the area is known for Denali, the tallest peak in North America.

Anderson is a small town of only ~250 people and is perhaps one of the most remote options on this list.

So, if you truly want to be a modern-day homesteader, this could be the spot for you.

Update: according to our research, it appears that Anderson has suspended its program, but please contact the Town of Anderson to confirm.

26. Free Land in Muskegon, Michigan

The City of Muskegon in western Michigan is giving away free land for job-creating initiatives.

The program is designed to restart the area’s manufacturing industry.

For the creation of 25 jobs, a company can be eligible for 5 acres of industrial land.

Update: according to our research, it appears that Muskegon has suspended its program, but please contact the City of Muskegon to confirm.

27. Free Lodging with WWOOFING

While not technically free land, another option is to volunteer on a farm in exchange for a place to stay.

This arrangement can be for the short- or long-term and is a great opportunity to learn about farming.

For more information, check out WWOOF USA.

28. Affordable Farm Leases in Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio

Again, not technically free land, but the Cuyahoga National Park created a unique initiative in 2015 that provided affordable long-term leases to farmers as a way to protect and rehabilitate the rural heritage of the park.

The RFP is now closed, but it is still a great example of a creative win-win solution that provided a helping hand to local farmers while also protecting and preserving the park.

You can learn more about the Countryside Initiative here.

29. Free Land through Land Investing

If none of the above options work for you, you can also fund your land purchase using the money you earned investing in vacant land.

With land investing, you buy an undervalued property and resell it at market price.

Do this a few times and you can afford to buy that perfect parcel of land for your own use.

30. Bonus: Land in Yukon, Canada

For Canadian citizens, the Yukon Provence is offering both land for agricultural uses as well as grazing agreements.

You have to live in Yukon for at least a year before you can be eligible and you must also submit a project plan.

Keep in mind that the land is not free, the government will collect a fee for the land based on its value as part of the land development process.

You can find out more here.

Final thoughts 

And there you have it! Free land is obtainable in so many ways.

Please note that we are not associated with any of the above towns or cities giving away free land.

If you’re ready to get started, check out any of the above websites to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Free Land?

You can find free land in any of the cities listed above.

You can also enter our Free Land Giveaway – we give away a parcel of land every few months!

What States Can You Get Free Land?

No state actually gives out free land, but there are cities that are offering free land.

Most of these cities are located in the following states: Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa and Texas.

Is There Any Free Homestead Land Left?

The federal government is not giving away homesteading land, but there are cities and towns that are giving away properties for those who are willing to relocate.

You can take a look at any of the towns listed above to start your search!

What State Has the Cheapest Land?

If you are looking for cheap land, we did some research on which counties have the cheapest land in the US.

Check out the full list of the 19 Counties Where You Can Find Cheap Land.

Is There Still Free Land in Alaska?

No, Alaska is not giving away free land anymore.

However, you can look to any of the above cities for free land.

Is There Any Land in the US That No One Owns?

Depends on what you mean by no one.

There is plenty of publically-held land owned by the federal government or states.

However, there is no land in the US that does not have a designated owner.

Is There Any Unclaimed Land in the United States?

No, all land in the United States had been claimed – either by a private or public entity.

Is Homesteading Still Possible?

Yes! It is possible.

Even if the federal government is not giving away free land for homesteading, there are plenty of ways to find cheap land.

And many families are creating homesteads around the US.

You just need to find the right parcel of land!

How Do I Find Homestead Land?

The best way to find homesteading land is to do a basic search for cheap land.

You will likely want a property with decent enough soil for growing crops.

There are many folks who have managed to make it work – even without free land!

Where Is Land Cheapest in the US?

Here are the 19 cheapest counties to buy vacant land.

For more information on buying, selling, or investing in vacant land, check out our other resources below.

We’re here to help with the entire buying and selling process.

If you are looking to buy affordable land, you can check out our Listings page.

Owner Financed Land

If reading this article got you interested in land investing, you can check out our article on How to Get Started in Land Investing.


And if you are looking to sell land, visit our page on how to Sell Your Land.

Disclaimer: we are not lawyers, accountants or financial advisors and the information in this article is for informational purposes only. This article is based on our own research and experience and we do our best to keep it accurate and up-to-date, but it may contain errors. Please be sure to consult a legal or financial professional before making any investment decisions.


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    This is what I would need to live a more productive life. After many struggles was life in general I have changed my lifestyle for the best. I would like an opportunity to own some Land once in my lifetime to enjoy my achievement. Plus I place my family could prosper from for decades to come fingers crossed Prayers prayers.

    • Erika
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      Thank you for your comment, Tina. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to leave a comment on our free land giveaway video in order to be in the running: https://youtu.be/3jS8OUgvg7M

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    OK thanks

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    Great information!I’m interested in free LAND purchasing and info on GETting started.

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      Thank you, Michael. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to leave a comment on our free land giveaway video in order to be in the running: https://youtu.be/3jS8OUgvg7M

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    great video. Due to Covid, my job is ending, so early retirement. what a wonderful opportunity. what a blessing it would be to win free land. thank you for all you do.

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      Thank you, Grace. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to leave a comment on our free land giveaway video in order to be in the running: https://youtu.be/3jS8OUgvg7M

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    I found your site with some luck tonight while searching land costs etc. Trying to figure out how i could build an alternative home, tInY house, shipping container, hobbit house, tree home, etc. while finding land to put this structUre on for a low price if somehow possible! Would be amazong if i was a winner. Im a single mom of two beAtiFUl amazing kids that i need to build a better life foR as currently living in an rv on my dysfunctional parents stressful property. I need help getting out of here!! So ill cross my fingers and think good thouGhts. Blessings and gratitude And congrats for whomever the winner turns out to be!! 😉

    • Erika
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      Thank you for sharing, Carolyn. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to leave a comment on our free land giveaway video in order to be in the running: https://youtu.be/3jS8OUgvg7M

  • lisa gooch Music Services
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    Thank you for sharing, Ms. Erika. WE are in dire need of our own land and facility to house my youth music program, housing for foster children, limited staff, offices, rehearsal space, theater, banquet dining, corporate kitchen, dock loading garage, guest parking, private music lessons rooms, community walking trail, Community library, and possibly bed and breakfast resort space. Specific guidance is needed in terms of obtaining SPONSORSHIPS and/or share holders. Currently, Score (a division of sBA) is mentoring us. We need to connect with team members who posses the skills and education needed to sustain our establishment. Any suggestions you can send our way would be much appreciated.

    • Erika
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      Hello Lisa, it sounds like you have a wonderful organization. Unfortunately, finding sponsorships and shareholders is not my area of expertise. My apologies, I wish I could be of more help.

  • Carolyn Stumbo
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    I’ve been trying for last 3 year to find a little land of our own TO home stead. Right now for over a year WE are renting around 10 acres at 200$ a month in Paxton Nabrask WITH the agreement that we make IMPROVEMENTS. We live in a 5th wheel no electricity we use generator we just payed to have the pump replaced in the well so now we have one water spicket.we sell chicken egg’s , sheep, pig’s to local farmers . How ever the owners at this time don’t seem interested in selling the 10 acres of the 300 lot we are on I guess because something to do with dividing a portion of it. They farm and own over a thousand Acer’s with 3 homes throughout that need renovation been empty for 3 year or more. I think they would be willing to part with some land if the right opportunity came along due to they are getting up there in age late 70s and there children have farms of their own
    We want to participate in your program.

    • Erika
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      Hello Carolyn, thank you for sharing your story. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to leave a comment on our free land giveaway video in order to be in the running: https://youtu.be/3jS8OUgvg7M

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    Love this! We are wanting land, small or large, to grow food for The community. It is a dream of OURs and now that we are retired, we are able to hopefully fulfill that dream. Thank you!

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    hI THERE!! if this comes out in all caps, i promise you that I am not yelling! lol. my question is for land (either free or cheap) for having a tiny house. i know that some of the free land you show have requirements of housing that is at least 1400 sq ft but for most tiny homes, the square footage is for 100-400 square feet. in addition, i am going to be purchasing a tiny home on wheels in order to be able to travel at times. I want to buy land though to have a “home base” for when i will not be traveling but it won’t be on a permanent foundation, it will be on wheels and on blocks when i am on my piece of land. my tiny home will not be an “off-grid” tiny home (not yet at least) so i will also be looking for more residential type land that has city water/sewer/electric that i can hook up to. can you offer any advice? thank you. **ps – i will be signing up for your free land giveaway as well**

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    Your doing great things for so meany people. I am looking to have a chance at your giveaway. I am a SINGLE parent and due to covid-19 looking to be on more stable. I found you on youtube and have subscribed and also on your website joining your newsletter too.

    • Erika
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      Thank you, Gerri! If you haven’t done so already, you may want to leave a comment on our free land giveaway video in order to be in the running: https://youtu.be/3jS8OUgvg7M

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    Hello erika and gokce capital. thank you for sharing this information. i’ve watched a couple of your videos on youtube and came across your company when searching for free land in us/least expensive land. i’m interested in your free land offer, as i’d like to build on a lot for a container home. this is a new venture, and i’m excited about the possibility to grow something for my family. thanks again..

    • Erika
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      Good luck! If you haven’t done so already, you may want to leave a comment on our free land giveaway video in order to be in the running: https://youtu.be/3jS8OUgvg7M

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    I found this video because I was searching for free land Alaska… I am always entering contests online …never won anything but I wont stop trying

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    would love to win never had anything to call my own so would love this thank you

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    I’d like to know more about getting free land. Please help me.thanks also my email address is all lower case letters

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      Hello Angela, please feel free to call or email with any questions.

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    WOW this sounds Soooooooo great…And I am so interested but I’m on SSI and do not make Must but I did want to see if my Daughter might be interested to because we both want to start a business in the near future…????

    • Erika
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      Good luck! If you haven’t done so already, you may want to leave a comment on our free land giveaway video in order to be in the running: https://youtu.be/3jS8OUgvg7M

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    My youngest child is about to move out and I am ready to leave se kansas! My hubby is an over the road driver and I’m ready for some country living with a huge garden! I’m not getting any younger and I love the outdoors and plants. Thanks for reading

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      When is this GIVE a way taking place?looks like it’s been going on for a while…

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    Hi! I came across your page googling free land for homesteading. Me and my family have been looking for years and im so blessed to have come across you. Loved all the info you shared. I saw yoir giVeaway and we subscribed to YT and mailing list. 🙂

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      I’m glad our article was helpful! Please let us know if you have any questions.

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    Occasionally i get the urge to run away from the noise and would love SOMEPLACE quiet to run to. Entered yoUr giveawaY with fingers crossed. Thanks

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    Hi there i found this web by google! we are looking to homestead and start a horse boarding and maYbe cattle .

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    My friend was telling mE about this and I did’nt think it was real!!! Anything in or close to central texas woupd be amazing. Even Texas in general !! What an amazing Blessing it would be for my family and I.

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    Thank you for yhe invaluable information, much appreciated. I’m an experienced real estate investor New tp land development. I’m interested in Land deVelopment That addresses aN aging population with multi generational parties. I’d like to stay in the residenTial market. Thank you! Hope your day is spectacular.

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    Its a GREAT-FULLNESS of your intention to keep DeDecision of history Existing on ward . I am look warward to achievement to have a chance for Free land process were i can build my bussiness & Home were i can spend my rest off Life Peacefully. Looking farward to here from you
    Thx you sir

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    I wou love to have some land in alaska, cant affordit now,i thought i would enter i found your site on google. Thank you for a chance to win. Thank you.

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    Need land start new Odinist colony we are of peace

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    So informative!! Would love to have a piece of property on which to build a home in retirement!

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      I’m glad that our article was helpful! Let us know if you have any questions.

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    I would be forever grateful to obTain land because i am a mom of 8 trying to restart my life as an independent and SUCCESSFUL woMan. I have sacrificed so much tonbe a home care taker and provider. I finally want to pursue my goals and dreams. I have so mUch to give back to the community by obtaining this land i can own and pass down onTo my children. I can Start the process of a foundation for a future. I am studying to be a doctor i can give health services at a reduced cost to be sure all hAve acess to health care. I can start up my non profit organization that i have been praying to Fund and start. I can also open up a health plaza with a grocery, a cafe, yOga Fitness stUdio and seveRal health care PHYSICIANS to cater to the needs of thE community. I see this land as an INVESTMENT , as a future, a foundation and a platform to give and grow with.

    • Erika
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      Thank you so much for sharing, Lisa. It sounds like you have a lot to give and we wish you the best of luck in the Free Land Giveaway!

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    Im lookinG for place i can leve in the wild not to coldof place put a place awafrom know where i have lived all my life like this would love to find a lot of mtns where i can hunt and eat off the land

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    Im looking for some. Mtn lAnd where i can go and live on in the wild that the way i came up as a kid i dont know inyauthet way to live but that just i love living off the land neer tennee jut some where where thet is big MTNS it will be me and my dogs