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Practical Elegance” is defined as providing a service in a way that is better or more useable than it needs to be.

The Mac is the quintessential example.

Macs have their haters, but no one can deny that they take design and ease of use to a level that no competitor can match.

Apple could get away with a less consistent user experience, with a less consistent brand.

It would still sell lots of phones and computers if it was just a bit more flexible with its standards.

In fact, if Apple lowered its commitment to polish, it may increase its short-term profits by producing devices at a lower cost.

However, it is the zealous commitment to design that allows Apple to charge a higher price point.

And in the long term, this is how Apple has built an empire.

When it loses its practical elegance, it will lose what makes it Apple.

Thus, when we do the hard thing, when we commit to practical elegance, we make things difficult for ourselves in the short-term, but reap the rewards of excellence in the long-term.

We approach every interaction with empathy and even delight.

We commit to the experience, and to the creation of this experience before the user asks for it.

At Gokce Capital, we strive to create practical elegance.

Our commitment is to empathy and approachability.

We try to pick up the phone and engage in a friendly manner no matter who is calling.

So please, call email or text at any time.

We’ll respond with a smile.

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