Buying Recreational Land: 13 Benefits (2024) That May Surprise You


Recreational land is land that is used for exactly what it sounds like. Various types of recreational uses include hunting, weekend getaways, fishing, ATVing, family retreats, and so much more. While recreational land has a number of personal and financial benefits, they’re not always realized. Many people purchase vacant land for its potential agricultural and … Read more

102 ways to make money from raw land in 2024


Looking for ways to make money from raw land? Like all real estate, raw land is valuable, and what you choose to do with the land you own can make it all the more profitable. Depending on where your raw land is located, what resources you have available, and how much you want to invest, … Read more

Land Investing: How You Can Get Started in 2024


“I told you it wouldn’t work,” I quipped to my partner, Abi, after our first land investing sale fell through. The sale had been three months in the making, and I was frustrated. But, first, let’s rewind. It was October of 2018, and the weather was turning chilly. Like many New Yorkers on this first … Read more