What is an HOA? 11 Things You Must Know In 2024


If you’re moving into a subdivision, planned community, or condominium building, you may encounter the acronym “HOA” or the words homeowners association. A homeowners association is an organization that makes and enforces rules about properties for its residents. For those who have never encountered this before, it may feel like a foreign concept. You may be … Read more

Land Grading: 10 Things You Must Know In 2024


Land grading, also known as yard grading or yard leveling, helps to reshape the ground’s surface. This action is often done to prepare for new construction projects; although, it is also sometimes done on properties where the drainage is destroying the foundation of the structures. You may consider land grading for any of the following … Read more

Land Development: 12 Things You Should Know In 2024


Are you ready to start a land development project? There are quite a few recommendations to consider before you get started. Fortunately, we’ve got the top things you should know before you pursue land development. Let’s get started. 1. You should understand the land development process Land development can be a long process, and as … Read more

How To Rezone Land? 10 Things (2024) You Should Know


Property owners who want to rezone their land are trying to change the land use designation that the property was originally given. Whatever your reason for wanting to rezone, you’ll need to know as much about the process of doing so before you begin. Rezoning is long, difficult, expensive, and complicated. While it can yield … Read more

Land Contract: 11 Things You Should Know (2024)

Are you looking to use a land contract as a way to purchase property? Well, you’re not alone! Land contracts are a common seller-financed alternative to a traditional mortgage. And they are often used for vacant land transactions because there are benefits for both buyers and sellers. In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you … Read more

Land Entitlement: 11 Things You Must Know In 2024


Land entitlement is the legal process that involves gaining approval for a development plan. It’s considered a lengthy, complicated, and costly phase of the real estate development process. If you’re currently entering this part of the process, this blog will tell you everything you need to know. Let’s get started. 1. Land entitlement may occur … Read more