What Are Riparian Rights? 11 Things (2023) You Must Know

riparian rights

When purchasing waterfront property, many landowners are surprised to find that their right to that water may be governed by rules and regulations, called riparian rights. In this blog, we’ll discuss what having “riparian rights” means and how you can navigate using the water on your land under this doctrine. Let’s get started. 1. What … Read more

Agricultural Land Lease: 10 Things (2023) You Should Know

agricultural land lease

If you’re a landowner with productive farm or ranch land that you won’t be using yourself, then you may want to consider an agricultural land lease. Agricultural land leases can be the solution to everyone’s problems. They allow you to get an income stream from your property while also supporting agricultural businesses, boosting the local … Read more

What is Land Degradation? 9 Things (2023) You Must Know

land degradation

Land degradation is the deterioration or loss of the productive capacity of the soils for the present and future. When land is degraded, it is a global challenge that affects everyone through issues like climate change, food insecurity, environmental hazards, loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and higher food prices. Today, land degradation is occurring … Read more

Abstract of Title: 11 Things You Need to Know in 2023

abstract of title

If you’re interested in a property and plan to purchase it, you should review the abstract of title. Examining this document can provide a lot of information about the building or parcel as well as reveal potential risks associated with the title. Because errors or omissions in the property title may result in monetary damages … Read more

Addendum vs. Amendment: 10 Things (2023) You Must Know

mobile home

Both an addendum and amendment modify critical details on an existing contract (like a land contract or purchase agreement) Although frequently misused or forgotten about, these are critical contract elements that you should learn to use correctly. Here’s everything you need to know about these two types of contract attachments and their differences. Let’s get started. … Read more