What is Crop Insurance? 11 Things (2024) You Must Know

crop insurance

In 1938, the Federal Crop Insurance program was established when the Federal Crop Insurance Act passed. Its goal was to maintain the viability of farming and ensure the stability of the nation’s food supply. However, in the early years, participation among farmers was low, and there were still catastrophic losses. The program was expanded in … Read more

Wetlands Reserve Program: 11 Things (2024) You Ought To Know

wetlands reserve program, wrp

A few decades ago, a program called the Wetlands Reserve Program was developed to encourage landowners to restore their wetlands. Why? Well, wetlands provide value like no other ecosystem can. That’s why the USDA has been working hard to save them. Their benefits include natural water quality improvement, flood protection and shoreline erosion control. They … Read more

Zoning Requirements: 9 Things (2024) You Need To Know

zoning requirements

Zoning requirements are created when a municipality or another tier of government divides land into areas — called zones — and creates regulations for development in each zone. Zones are often defined for single uses (although, they may also combine several compatible activities). The planning rules for each zone are especially relevant when you are … Read more

What is a Hoarder House? 17 Things (2024) You Must Know

hoarder house

What comes to mind when you hear the term “hoarder house”? If you’re like most people, chances are it’s the Emmy-nominated and Critics Choice award-winning television series Hoarders. The show explores the world of extreme hoarding and provides an in-depth look at people’s lives affected by compulsive hoarding. But let’s take a step back. What … Read more

What is Land Banking? 14 Things (2024) You Need to Know

land banking

Contrary to what their name would suggest, land banks are not financial institutions. They are public or community-owned entities that are created to acquire, manage, maintain, or repurpose vacant, abandoned, or foreclosed properties. Land banking programs are beginning to pop up across the United States, and there are now approximately 250 different programs across various … Read more