Brown’s Gas: 7 Things (2024) You Have to Know

What if I told you that Brown’s Gas offered more than just fuel; a gas that could significantly influence various industries? A gas that not only redefines traditional energy patterns but also potentially changes how we interact with the environment? Would such an assertion pique your curiosity or make you raise an eyebrow in skepticism? … Read more

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan: 5 Things (2024) You Should Know

This blog is an exploration of a rather fascinating mechanism that combines the rigors of regulatory compliance, environmental stewardship, and the practical necessities of construction: the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3). In the real estate world, we’re constantly juggling numbers, contracts, and property inspections. But as we navigate this landscape, it’s important to remember that … Read more

What Are Cover Crops? 6 Things (2024) You Must Know

Welcome to the age-old practice of cover cropping—an unsung hero of sustainable agriculture. Are you tired of seeing your garden soil lose its fertility year after year? Are you grappling with erosion issues on your farm and can’t seem to find a way to sustainably enrich the soil without relying heavily on chemical fertilizers? Well, … Read more

What Is Reforestation? 8 Things (2024) You Have to Know


Reforestation is the process of recovering destroyed forests through planting new trees and other foliage. Deforested lands experience all types of issues, from soil erosion to a lack of biodiversity, but reforestation can turn all that around. Although the process is as simple as putting new trees in the ground, there is a lot of … Read more

Soil Amending: 9 Things (2024) You Have to Know

soil amending

Soil amending is a critical practice in gardening and agriculture whereby you enhance the quality and fertility of the soil. When you add amendments, you can optimize nutrient levels, improve soil structure, and create an optimal environment for plant growth. If you think your soil requires amending, keep reading. In this blog, we’ll explore the … Read more

Excavation in Construction: 10 Things (2024) You Need to Know

If you’re starting a construction project on your land, you’ve probably heard the term “excavation” thrown around. This type of construction work is necessary to create a buildable foundation. However, not every site is created equal, and there are many different kinds of excavation in construction. If you’re interested in learning more about what this … Read more

What Are CCRs? 11 Things (2024) You Ought To Know

What are CCRs? This acronym stands for covenants, conditions, and restrictions. They are a key part of real estate development and property ownership. If you’re curious about how they help to maintain the aesthetic and value of a community as well as impact homeowners and their property, keep reading. We’ll explain what CCRs are, what … Read more

USDA Farm Grants: 9 Things (2024) You Must Know

Are you a new farmer or rancher looking for financial support? Look no further than USDA farm grants! The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers farm grants for a wide range of candidates with the goal of promoting growth, sustainability, and economic progress. Learn more below about when and why you may consider applying for a … Read more