Suspended Solids: 11 Things (2023) You Have to Know

suspended solids

What are some of the top signs that you’re drinking contaminated water? Whether it’s cloudy water, sediment, or a brown or orange hue, most of these indicators are indirectly talking about suspended solids. Suspended solids are when fine particles exist in the water. It’s closely connected to turbidity — the relative clarity of a liquid. … Read more

8 Real Phrogging Cases (2023) You Ought to Know


Did you hear that in the attic? It’s probably just some critters running around… Right? The idea of someone being inside our homes without our knowledge isn’t the most settling thought in the world, but it does happen. When a person secretively occupies someone’s house, it’s referred to as phrogging. You may be shaking your … Read more

15 US States with Lowest Property Taxes in 2023

lowest property taxes

COVID-19 has expanded everyone’s options on where to live, and the answer to where you should live now may have to do with where has the lowest property taxes. Previously, being close to your job was the number one priority. Now, remote work is more available than ever. You can live across the country from … Read more

Living Shorelines: 11 Things (2023) You Need to Know

living shorelines

Humans are often liable to harden the shoreline or “stabilize” it through the installation of artificial structures like concrete or steel walls, riprap borders, large stones, or boulders – not through living shorelines. Yet, stabilizing and protecting the shore is much simpler than this. Really, it comes down to imitating nature. This is where living … Read more

Natural Gas Wells: 14 Things (2023) You Should Know

natural gas wells

Natural gas has become a major part of our lives, but have you ever thought about the natural gas wells that hold this incredible and essential resource? Most people use natural gas-powered appliances every single day, and they don’t think twice about it. So let’s dive deeper into where your energy comes from with the … Read more

What is Stock Rate? 11 Things (2023) You Should Know

stock rate

If you’re attempting to create a successful livestock production system, then one important element is maintaining detailed records on your stock rate. Stock rate is the number of animals on a given amount of land over a certain period of time. Use this metric to understand and estimate forage requirements as you run your land. … Read more

Managed Retreat: 10 Things (2023) You Ought to Know

managed retreat

Managed retreat — relocating infrastructure (people, businesses, etc.) away from low-lying coastal areas because of sea-level rise — is often met with some resistance. Although it’s a solid proactive move against climate change, not everyone sees the benefit of it. Many view it as “uprooting” lives — failing to see how those lives will eventually … Read more