Groundwater Table: 13 Things (2022) You Have to Know

groundwater table

A groundwater table, also known as a water table, is the underground boundary between the soil surface and the area where the groundwater sits in spaces between sediments and rocks. Groundwater is the best reserve of freshwater that the United States has. Thus, we must understand how this resource works and the best ways to … Read more

What Is Xeriscaping? 11 Things (2022) You Must Know


Xeriscaping is a form of dry-plant landscaping that helps reduce your water usage. It’s optimal for dry climates and deserts, but those conscious of the environment may choose to use xeriscaping as well. The method has countless benefits, such as being low-maintenance and low-cost. Here’s what you should know about xeriscaping if you’re interested in … Read more

Lease Option: 11 Things (2022) You Ought to Know

lease option

Have you ever heard of a lease option? This sales financing tool became popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s to circumvent alienation clauses in mortgages. Alienation clauses prevent a borrower from transferring the loan obligation when they sell the property in the future. While the lessee cannot transfer the lease to another party, … Read more

Florida Scrub Jay: 11 Things (2022) You Must Know

florida srub jay

The Florida Scrub Jay is the state’s only endemic bird. The oldest Florida Scrub Jay recorded was at least 15 years old when it was captured and released during a banding operation in Florida in the 1990s. Since then, several studies have been done about these birds and their habits. Here’s what you should know. … Read more

What Is Aquaculture? 9 Things (2022) You Need to Know


Water is an important resource for humans, and one way we can use it is through aquaculture. Aquaculture is the process of rearing, breeding, and harvesting aquatic species (animals and plants) in controlled aquatic environments. In this blog, we’ll explain what aquaculture is and how it is practiced. Let’s get started.  1. What is aquaculture? … Read more

Earthbag Homes: 10 Things (2022) You Must Know

Earthbag homes were created in the 1970s by Iranian architect Nader Khalili. Khalili had previously worked in the countryside of Iran. He taught villages how to build homes out of adobe. However, after he came to the U.S., he realized that adobe homes weren’t always practical or economical. He created the earthbag home knowing that … Read more

Wild Deed: 11 Things (2022) You Must Know

wild deed

A wild deed, also known as a thin air deed, is a recorded deed that isn’t in the chain of title. The chain of title error is because a previous instrument connected to the chain of title was not recorded. Unfortunately, even though you have little control over wild deeds, they can still cause a … Read more

Home Design Apps: 9 Things (2022) You Ought to Know

A home design app allows you to consider different home improvements and renovations before making a final decision. You can experiment with various layouts, décor, renovations, or extensions before you pull the trigger and decide to make it final. If you’re someone who has trouble visualizing changes before they’re made, home design apps can be … Read more