Pueblo Home: 10 Things (2023) You Need to Know

pueblo home

If you’ve ventured out to Arizona or New Mexico, you may have been surprised by the stucco walls, terra cotta shingles, or wood beams that are so often present in pueblo-style homes. In this blog, we’ll teach you more about pueblo homes and where the architectural design originated from. 1. What are pueblo homes? Pueblo … Read more

Cypress Forest: 9 Things (2023) You Need to Know

cypress forest

Cypress trees, and even a cypress forest, can be a great fit depending on your location and land. Gardeners sometimes skip over cypress trees because they believe that they only grow in wet, boggy soil. This is false! A cypress tree can grow on all types of land. Although their native environment is constantly wet, … Read more

What Is a Controlled Burn? 11 Things (2023) You Must Know

controlled burn

Over the past century, fire suppression efforts have been emphasized at the federal level. However, the United States Forest Service is once again beginning to recognize the place that controlled burns have in management practices. This method seeks to accomplish the benefits that regular fires provided to the environment while also preventing fires that burn … Read more