Bison Farming: 9 Things (2022) You Should Know

bison farming

Bison once roamed America’s Wild West, and today they are coming back thanks to bison farming. If you too want to raise bison in the United States, here’s what you need to know. 1. What is bison farming? Raising bison is similar (but not identical) to raising beef cattle. Bison are large, strong, and excitable … Read more

What Are Badlands? 9 Things (2022) You Must Know


Have you ever heard of Badlands National Park? It spans almost 244,000 acres in South Dakota with diverse wildlife and the largest undistributed mixed-grass prairie in the U.S. Yet, to most people, the term “badland” is still unfamiliar. What are these dry landscapes complete with colorful buttes, spires, and pinnacles? If you’re curious about the … Read more

Surface Runoff: 10 Things (2022) You Ought to Know

surface runoff

If you’ve ever lived in an area with large flat surfaces, you’ll notice that surface runoff quickly begins to pool when it rains. Parking lots, roofs, driveways, sidewalks, etc. provide very few places for water to go. Surface runoff is now a leading contributor to water quality pollution, and for this reason, it’s worth paying … Read more

Total Harmonic Distortion: 11 Things (2022) You Need to Know

total harmonic distortion

Look through the manual for speakers, headphones, MP3 players, amplifiers, etc., and you’re likely to find a specification called total harmonic distortion (THD). In this blog, we’ll discuss what THD is and why it’s important to consider when using equipment (including solar panels!). 1. What is total harmonic distortion? Total Harmonic Distortion, often abbreviated as … Read more

Off Gassing: 13 Things (2022) You Must Know

off gassing

Have you ever gotten a new car or couch and just known because of the smell? That’s off gassing. Some people love the smell of “new.” It’s knowingly artificially yet somehow intoxicating. Eventually, over time, that smell will fade, and you probably won’t think anything more about it. But if you’ve ever wondered what that … Read more

Dove Fields: 9 Things (2022) You Should Know

dove fields

If you’re interested in hunting, then you know that mourning doves are one of the most exciting and challenging game bird species to hunt – which is why dove fields are so valuable. Even if you’re not a hunter yourself, good dove hunting can up the worth of your hunting land. In this blog, we’ll … Read more