Soil Carbon: 10 Things (2023) You Should Know

One of the most important factors of soil is how much carbon it stores. This is known as–drum roll please–soil carbon, and it’s not only a crucial factor that determines the health of the plants, but it also plays a role in managing the world’s CO2 levels. As more and more countries are focusing their … Read more

Geomapping: 10 Things (2023) You Should Know

Geomapping allows you to collect and analyze geospatial data to build a map or visualization of your land. If you’re interested in gaining additional insights into your land through various types of data, keep reading. We’ll discuss what geomapping is and how you can use the information you’ve collected to make informed decisions about your … Read more

Code Violations: 10 Things (2023) You Have to Know

Does your house have code violations? Uhmm…I hope not. Depending on where you live, there’s a whole gamut of building and housing codes you have to follow, from handrail heights to the placement of electrical outlets to window sizes for specific rooms. Unless you’re a trained home inspector, the average homeowner is only aware of … Read more

What is Coal Ash? 8 Things (2023) You Must Know

Today, the United States is one of the top coal producers in the world, but there’s one aspect of this production that cannot be ignored: coal ash. When coal is burned, it leaves residual ash particles that can cause serious issues for people and the environment. Even though the amount of coal being burned in … Read more

Soil Tilth: 11 Things (2023) You Have to Know

soil tilth

The physical condition of soil is referred to as soil tilth. Achieving and maintaining a healthy tilth takes a bit of work, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. So, to make sure that you have all the necessary information related to soil tilth, this article is a deep dive into the topic. I’m going to … Read more