What Is Water Quality? 10 Things (2023) You Must Know

Whether water is high-quality (excellent standard) or low-quality (inferior standard) determines what you can use it for. Overall, water serves as the backbone of ecosystems, communities, and the environment, and thus prioritizing high water quality is critical. Here’s what you should know about water quality, the factors that affect it, and the efforts required to … Read more

Soil Health: 11 Things (2023) You Must Know

If you want to turn your property into a productive space, then soil health is one of the top factors you should be conscious of. When your soil is healthy, it helps conserve biodiversity, mitigate environmental challenges, and maintain ecosystems. By promoting and maintaining soil health on your land, you’ll ensure your ability to sustain … Read more

Revegetation Solutions: 10 Things (2023) You Should Know

Revegetation solutions reestablish vegetation through measures like replanting native plant species, repairing soil health, and using various planting techniques. The goal is to restore vegetation to areas that have been degraded, disturbed, or stripped of their natural plant cover. For these projects to be successful, there must be careful planning, community engagement, and ongoing monitoring … Read more

CBR Test of Soil: 9 Things (2023) You Must Know

A CBR test of soil, which stands for California Bearing Ratio test, is a toolkit to assess soil’s lead-bearing potential to determine whether the land is suitable for construction projects. Although it may not seem like it, soil is much more than some meaningless dirt. Soil provides the foundation for structures and roads to be … Read more

Mining Claims: 5 Things (2023) You Must Know

You might think that mining claims are a thing of the past, but they still play a significant role in the exploration and extraction of minerals today. Let’s unlock their secrets! 1. Background of Mining Claims The concept of mining claims has roots that stretch back centuries, reflecting the fundamental human interest in discovering and … Read more

Polyculture Farming: 6 Things (2023) You Must Know

Traditional monoculture farming has been the staple for centuries, but with the Earth’s changing conditions and the rising demand for diverse crops, farmers and agriculturists are searching for better solutions, such as polyculture farming, Polyculture farming is a technique that promises not only increased yield but also a positive environmental impact. 1. What is Polyculture … Read more

What Is Regenerative Agriculture? 8 Things (2023) You Must Know

As the world looks to solve the climate change puzzle and fight against food insecurity and diminishing resources, new, sustainable farming practices, referred to as regenerative agriculture, have taken center stage. And they have the ability to revolutionize food production. The goal of regenerative agriculture is to bring high crop yields while maintaining soil health. … Read more