What is a Planned Unit Development? 13 Things (2021) You Should Know

planned unit development

We’ve all seen Planned Unit Developments (PUDs). These are modern developments consisting of entire communities, including commercial properties, condominiums, and single-family homes. PUDs are very common these days, but if you’re not familiar with what this living situation looks like, keep reading! We’ll tell you the top things you should know before you buy. Let’s … Read more

What are Impact Fees? 13 Things (2021) You Need to Know

impact fee

I’m sure you have heard of impact fees before. Recently they’ve been making headlines. In Boston, marijuana dispensary owners are asking the state to reduce fees that they’re forced to pay to cities and towns to set up their operations. They argue that they have minimal impact on police, fire, and other municipal services. When … Read more

What Is a Wind Farm? 15 Things (2021) You Should Know

wind farm

In May 2021, the Vineyard Wind project made headlines as the US Department of the Interior’s first “large-scale, offshore wind farm project in the United States.” This project was expected to generate 3,600 jobs and provide enough power for 400,000 homes and businesses. While the Vineyard wind project is the first of its kind in … Read more