Everything You Need to Know About Rockland County

Rockland County sits in a unique location. It’s close to New York City, but separated by the Hudson River. Railroad commuters must stop in Hoboken NJ before transferring to the city and drivers have to brave one of the NJ/NY crossings, which could explain why the suburbs of Rockland are not as popular as those in Westchester. Still, Rockland is truly…

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Top 7 Gotchas When Buying Land

While vacant land may be a more attractive and accessible real estate investment for many folks, it is not free from complications. Like all real estate investments, you must do your due diligence before making a purchase. Below are a few common errors when buying land. 1. Not Checking the Market Before Buying  You may have found a great deal…

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10 Ways to Make Money from Raw Land

We often get the question, “why we are interested in buying land?” After all, many people struggle to make their undeveloped land pay for itself. While not all land is easy to develop, there are several potential uses for raw land. Below are a few options to get you brainstorming. 1. Educational Uses Set up classes or rent your land to…

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