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How do I win?

This is the question we almost always ask ourselves before starting any venture or engaging in any transaction.

Especially in real estate.

We ask ourselves this because we are used to playing finite games: games with clear winners or losers.

Games that are defined by James Carse as, “the familiar contests of everyday life…played in order to be won, which is when they end. There are players, there are rules and there are winners. The game is designed to end, and it’s based on scarcity.”

Just about any kind of sports game is a finite game: there are set rules and an endpoint with a clear winner and loser.

But there is another kind of game, the infinite game.

In the infinite game, “the point is to keep playing for fun, not to win. In the infinite game, the journey is all there is. And so, players in an infinite game never stop giving.”

Playing catch with your child is an infinite game.

Neither of you can win, the goal is just to play together.

The problem with playing a game to win is that you may find yourself keeping score of things that don’t matter because you are playing for a scarce resource.

Like when we post on social media purely to gain more likes and comments despite the fact that they don’t amount to much.

But, when you play an infinite game, you aren’t looking to win.

So rather than asking, “how do I win?”

You ask, “is it worth playing?

Now, this may all sound very profound, but what is the point?

Well, when my partner and I decided to build Gokce Capital, we wanted it to be an infinite game.

We wanted to build a business that we simply enjoy running.

One that doesn’t have an end-point: a payoff point of x amount that ends our involvement in the company.

And we also wanted to focus on finding ways to use our business to give as much as possible.

While we probably only live up to this ideal about 10% of the time, striving for the impossible means we must constantly improve.

And ensures we keep playing.


about us


-Erika and Abi

We are two life and business partners.

Prior to starting Gokce Capital, Erika worked in architecture and affordable housing, and Abi in finance and software development.

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