Why sell to us?

When you sell directly to us, you cut out a broker's commission and listing fees (on average around 6% of the sales price). We will also send you an offer within days versus waiting months for a broker to find a buyer for you. Finally, we will cover all title and closing costs!

  • Get a Free No Obligation Cash Offer
  • No Broker Commissions or Listing Fees
  • We Pay ALL Closing Costs
  • Sell your Land Fast and Hassle-Free!


What information do you need to buy my property?

All the information we need is included in our Sell Your Property form.

Do you actually buy land or will you just be listing my land?

We are not brokers – we actually buy land. If you work with us, there is no need to deal with middlemen or brokers, we buy directly from you!

Are there additional fees involved if I sell to you?

No! In fact, by selling directly to us you will avoid broker’s fees, advertising costs and listing fees. We will also cover all regular closing costs, including title fees, recording and transfer taxes, and document preparation fees.

How do you determine the fair market price of my land?

We will value your land by looking at county or municipal assessment information, local sales comparables, unique property features and local market information.

What if title isn't clear or there are liens on my land?

We will run our own title report to verify any liens or encumbrances on your land. We will then work with our title company to see what can be done to clear title on your land. Each property is a bit different and we will help you find the resources you need to fix any title issues.

What if I owe taxes on my property?

We can pay any back taxes for you and work this into your negotiated offer. If the amount owed is minimal, we can simply cover the cost for you. In other situations, we can pay the amount owed prior to closing and then deduct the back taxes from the final sales price. Either way, you will not have to pay anything out-of-pocket.

What if I have lost my deed?

No problem! We can usually find a copy of your deed in county or municipal records.

What kinds of properties do you buy?

We buy land anywhere in the US of any size or condition. If you own land with property on it, submit your information to us as well. We’re happy to take a look!

How much will I pay in closing costs?

We’ll cover all closing costs!

What will you do with my property once you buy it?

Our proprietary algorithm decides whether to hold the property in our personal portfolio or list the property based on current and historical market data. This data includes the assessed value, market value (county), recent comps, historical comps, access, buildability, macro and micro economic trends, annual property taxes, local real estate market conditions and, of-course, our cost basis.

How do we close on a property?

We offer three ways to close on a property:

  1. Online or by Cashier’s Check (for buyers only) – This is the fastest way to close on a property. After you let us know that you want to purchase a parcel from us, we will send you a paypal invoice by email. You can pay the invoice with a credit or debit card or a cashier’s check. Once we have received the payment, we will prepare the deed to convey the property to you and record it electronically. We will then send you an email with proof of recordation. You can also call the county clerk to confirm that the deed has been recorded in your name.
  2. Meet with a Mobile Notary (for sellers only) – This is the most common way we close when we are purchasing a property. We will contact a mobile Notary near you to close the sale at your home, office or location of your choosing. We will send the documents to the Notary and he/she will call you to set up an appointment. The Notary will then meet you at the location of your choosing, give you a cashier’s check and notarize the deed with you.
  3. Meet with a Title Company -This is the slowest and most costly option for closing a land deal, but also provides added security for higher value transactions. For buyers, there are some instances when we must close with a title company and we will usually disclose this requirement in the advertisement.

About Us

We are a small, family-owned business based out of New York City with a passion for unlocking the value of your land.

We understand that many people find themselves paying property taxes on undeveloped land that they cannot put to good use. Our goal is to help you sell your land fast and hassle-free.

We remove the headache of the traditional real estate process by sidestepping brokers and middlemen. We want to help you make a quick profit on land that is bogging you down and keeping you from focusing on the investments that matter most to you.

Land should be a blessing, not a source of stress. We're here to make that a reality for you.

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